The 1. Medieval-World-Convention is postponed to August 2017

If You buy historic goods, equipment, tents, replicas, medieval clothing, drinking horns, swords or chainmail online, then at Miiddle-Ages.Com! (Since 2004)

The Middle-Ages-Online-Shop from Middle-Ages.Com offers a wide variety of historical products online for more than 12 years. Those come from the field of re-enactment, full-contact and Middle-Ages. You can find a custom made battle-ready sword of the smithy FABRI ARMORUM from Prague (Official partner of the IMCF World Championship in Medieval Battle) or one for decoration purposes, as well as daggers, shields, chainmail, helmets, medieval clothing, shoes and boots, medieval music, mead, and drinking horns.
Additionally a wide assortment of viking equipment and helmets, or from the high  and late middle ages.

One of our special section is the theme chainmail. Here you can find long or short sleeved versions. Hauberk, Haubergeons, coifs with or without faceprotection, legs, loose rings and much more. There are riveted versions and different materials availiable. As well you will find Gambesons or protecting caps for your helmet.
We offer a large choice of medieval drinks, like mead, wine, beer and hypocras. As well drinking or signal horns can be found in our shop.

Also custom made medieval shoes and boots you can order in our shop for fair prices, if you cannot or do not want to make them yourself. We offer medieval ladies or men shoes,  medieval boots und viking shoes to measure.

In our tents section www.Medievaltents.Eu you will find high-quality medieval tents, knight tents, saxon tents, linnen tents, and tarps.
For historic groups and association we offer special conditions, as well as for resellers and distributors.
Please pay attention to our monthly themes, as well to our daily knock-off-deal between 20:00 & 20:30, during which one special product is strongly lowered on our mobile site & app.
The shipment of your swords, chainmails, helmets or other battle-ready-articles is always processed fast, convenient and secure with DHL.

If you have questions regarding our products, gambesons, chainmail or armor we are pleased to answer those personally on the phone: +49-89-67 97 15 61. Or come and visit our shop in München Saladins Souk.
We hope you enjoy shopping in the European Department Store for Medievalists - the European Department Store of the Middle Ages!